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Official site for USA-based Mixmaster "middle relay"
Welcome to Anon USA, a USA-based Mixmaster "middle-only" relay!!         
(Serving your privacy needs since December 2011.)

"Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority... It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation - and their ideas from suppression - at the hand of an intolerant society."
— Justice Stevens, McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission, 1996 (from Richard's site -- see below)

Questions?  Concerns?  Just email me below!  Please allow 7 to 10 days for a response.  And, PLEASE donate (I just want to recoup my costs):


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Last update:  11/3/16

Protecting your privacy is straight-forward, IF you take the necessary precautions, and, so, Let's get started!

First off, download QuickSilver Lite here:

Use with Tor (which means connecting to a Postfix server directly through Tor -- read Richard's documentation!):

For everything else, use Tails:

You may also be able to use Mixmaster with Tails:

And, VeraCrypt will add that much-needed layer of encryption within your Persistent Storage:

It also works under Tails:

Just be sure to install the latest version!

Or, you can use TrueCrypt 7.1a (just use the 'Up' link on my pinger's website to grab a copy, but VERIFY with hashes elsewhere):

Add the "--key-file=" for your individual key files (for instance, if you have 3 key files, you'll need 3 "--key-file=[your key file]" arguments.)  Just create an empty TrueCrypt container on a Windows machine, boot Tails and then copy over to your flash drive in Admin mode.

Hardware encrypted USBs are a must these days, such as these guys:

Try buying anonymously, if possible!  (In fact, buy ALL of your hardware off-the-shelf anonymously, which means paying in cash!)  Store at your home in a secure, yet HIGH, location!  Keep your home smelling fresh with a variety of odors just in case!!

A good "privacy filter" for your laptop/tablet is an absolute must; just use startpage to find one:

Use GPG4WIN with the largest PGP key size possible:

But, again, stay AWAY from Windows!!  It leaks (that is, your IP does) like a sieve.  If you decide to use Windows (bad idea!), ALWAYS use anonymous, public Wi-Fi!!  If and when you are using Windows (and, use Windows 10 64-bit edition, if you must use Windows), ***ALWAYS*** use The Tor Browser EXCLUSIVELY and use full-system encryption with VeraCrypt (at least a 40 character passphrase) and CCleaner:

Keep an eye on your local network with this:

If you have problems coming up with good passphrases, use the DICE password system:

Do ***NOT*** (and, I mean, do ****NOT****) write your passphrases down anywhere, ever (or ever)!!!  (Ignore that little piece of "advice" on their website.)  "Memorize, memorize, memorize", which means "practice, practice, practice".  Also, add some pure gobbledygook (say, 8 to 12 characters) to your passphrase which consists of Upper & lower case letters, punctuation and some special characters atop your keyboard.  Consider also using a long passphrase (40+ characters) which describes some completely unique event in your life that no one knows about (except, of course, you!) and toss in some gobbledygook midway for good measure.  I love keyfiles (see above), and so, choosing some of those from a "pool" of at least 100,000 files (which could be anything -- music, pictures, documents, etc.; if you're ambitious, make your pool a million files) is an absolute must, in my opinion!  Just be sure to back EVERYTHING up!

Use the strongest and most restrictive security settings available within the Tor Browser (which means NO Javascript), along with Tor Bridges and anonymous public Wi-Fi whenever possible.  (Do NOT park your car in front of stranger's house, and do not use household Wi-Fi connections, even if they are "open".)  If something is there on your favorite website that wasn't there before, then your IP address is going to be sent over the public Internet, likely, to a place that could very well haunt you for a "long, long time" down the road!  Treat ALL hidden sites as being compromised; eventually, any and every site will be.  It's not a question of IF but WHEN.  Some more good advice can be found here:

If you do not want to visit the above site, at least click the NoScript icon in The Browser Browser -> Options -> Embeddings. Check everything!!!

Remember, if any website asks for any identifying information whatsoever (such as an email address), requires JavaScript or cannot be accesses EXCLUSIVELY as a Tor hidden server, then YOU ARE SCREWED!!!

This is why using Tails is an ABSOLUTE MUST -- it FORCES all of your TCP traffic to go over Tor, BLOCKING any other types of traffic!!

If you are intent on running a hidden server, it is absolutely in your best interests to have that server hosted in a country other than your own.  So, if you live in the US, then your server needs to be located somewhere in Africa, India, Eastern Europe, etc.  Some installations will host the server for you, and as long as everything remains anonymous, you'll likely be in good hands.  Of course, they will want to be paid, and while Bitcoins are not completely anonymous, they are infinitely preferable to PayPal, credit card, etc.  (Don't be stupid!)  Tumbling your coins will definitively help, especially, if you bought them from someone, paying in cash.

Whether you have your hidden server at home (a bad idea), or are running it yourself at a data center (better), or having someone experienced running it for you (best), be sure to test it.  Some open-source software (in the form of Python scripts) are available to do this.  Use Tor (of course!) and just run the scripts against your .onion address to test for any IP leakage.  Report to the admin who is hosting your site (if you are using "option 3"), and if not fixed promptly, then it is probably time to switch hosts!  Remember, testing can only show the PRESENCE of errors, NEVER the ABSENCE of such!  Remember, Defense-in-Depth, coupled of "eternal vigilance", are your safest avenues.  Plan for every "what-if" scenario that you can!

If you are concerned about your anonymity, do NOT post on social media sites.  Period!  If you do post on DeepWeb forums, do so as infrequently as possible.  Use online translator programs to mask your identity.  For instance, if you live in the US, copy and paste your text into the software (using Tails, of course!), translate into another language (say, Russian), and then, into yet another (say, French); after that, translate it back into English.  Use aphorisms, dialects, etc., that are not part of your native tongue from time to time.  Make off-the-cuff remarks about things that you should NOT know about.  For instance, if you live in the US, make some comment about some British football ("soccer") game, as if you were in the stands watching it!  Trust no one, ever; treat anyone and everyone as being an adversary, because, "statistically speaking", you "only need to get lucky once!"

Finally, remember the fundamental truth that, "Silence is golden!"  Even with that, some who shouldn't lie will do so anyway, but in the end, that may help your cause!!

My pinger is located here:

This website is dedicated to the foundations of the Enlightenment and the ideals of individual liberty with minimal interface from one's own government or that of others.  When considering an action ask yourself whether that action or its omission will impact the lives of others in any way and to any degree, and if the answer is that "there is no change", then that action is at least morally neutral, hence, permissible.
-- AnonUSA Remop