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March, 2014
Unity Point Pediatrics -- Partners in Discrimination!
3/4/2014 1:53:42 PM
They are uncompassionate doctors, especially, Dr. Judith Bernhard.  In November 2012 four of my five children were "termed" (medical lingo for when a provider kicks a patient out of their practice) from Hiawatha Pediatrics by "Dr. Rick" for contradictory and false reasons.  (One child, our oldest son, a patient of Dr. Wieslaw Machnowski's, was not "termed," likely, due to his intervention.)  In addition to keeping poor people "in their place," I think that the real reason for our children getting "termed" was due, at least in part, to the fact that they are Title 19 patients, and removing five of them from a medical practice would, of course, allow patients with better-paying insurance to enter that practice.  Now that "Dr. Rick" has left the UnityPoint Pediatrics practice, I recently asked Dr. Bernhard, a former provider for my two oldest children, to correct the discriminatory injustice which they were subject to.  Dr. Bernhard refuses to even speak with me about this issue, refusing my request for a phone conversation.  An injustice, whether it occurred a year ago or ten years ago, is still an injustice, and I would ask Dr. Bernhard, if she is truly an ethical medical doctor, to correct the discrimination which my children were subject to two years ago.
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